TEC launch – clip 1

The launch of TEC by Georgina Brett, was an experiment for sure.. live musicians and live separate channel surround processing!! an informal celebration.. all the performers arrived having only a vague clue as to what would happen, they just knew it would involve 6 channel surround rig and jamming together with some great interactive visuals… we got the technicals sorted, running 8 channel/ separate surround processing for each musician.. phew!! .. and then found we were all starving hungry .. i knew i would be surround processing the whole proceedings I HAD TO EAT.. Thomas found us a great takeaway close by so i ordered for us all.. as the audience began to gather.. was so necessary, we gathered round a table of food.. :) yum delicious will never forget how it tasted.. wow… it set the tone.. well fed musicians :) .. and then we went on for the whole evening.. stopping only momentarily.. was like magic… the pieces fitted and the puzzle came into focus and the music was divine… ambient.. unexpected.. thoughtful, congruent.. each artist bringing their flavour to the pot..
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you a million more for making a dream come true.. to the musicians: Henrique Mathias, Michael Bearpark, Andrew Ostler, Martin Glover, Steve Finnerty, Andy Bole, Jono Podmore, Emmanuel Reveneau, Valentin Carette. Voice over: Greg Sams. Sound engineer and venue host: Thomas Blackburn. For the visuals to: Hansgeorg Schwarz, Jaime Rory Lucy, Billy Rood. For helping on the door: Giusy Clover.