Open Jack Weekender // Sunday // 7.1 Surround Install hosted by Tuesdays Post // Sunday 24th April

Series 3 of Tuesdays Post // Sunday 24th April:
Open Jack weekender
Event Room: 7.1 surround install
New River Studios
199 Eade Road, N4 1DN London, United Kingdom

We host the 16:00 – 20:00 slot today…. We have been hosting events since 2012, including the first London Live-Looping Festival in Summer 2013. Looking forward to presenting our Core Artists on this weekend of the cream of experimental live artists.

We begin our programme with an hour workshop from from a Deep Listening certified tutor and artist, Ximena Alarcon She will be taking us through exercises that bring us closer to the sounds we hear and more present to the subtleties of the surround sound palette. Please bring (if you like): yoga mats, pillows blankets, loose clothes – as during the performance you are welcome to move around in a ‘Progressive Ambient’ sort of fashion ! :)
Hanzo will be illuminating the room with live interactive visuals and the musical performers may segue seamlessly from one performance to the next.

Deep Listening Artist – Ximena Alarcon


Georgina Brett
Georgina’s vocal matrices are made to stimulate auditory adventuring, to soothe, to baffle the rational mind .. to challenge and shock. Her evolving instant choirs inhabit spaces from Palestrina to Ligeti from Steve Reich to something other worldly. Georgina’s music creates instant choirs of sound.
Ximena Alarcon and Hems may join Georgina for this performance.

Michael Bearpark: guitars, pedals, loops and feedback. Andrew Ostler: synthesizers, laptop, processing, woodwind & reeds. Guitar but not guitar; synthesizers but not keyboards – Darkroom’s music starts with improvisation and a distinctive approach to sound design, followed by disciplined editing and stop-motion studio craft. By turns beautiful and beautifully ugly, theirs is a very human music that always sounds ‘played’ not ‘programmed’, despite the technology that’s essential for producing it. New album:

Tuesdays Post : Live Progressive Ambient
We host live performers with electronics, who cross the boundaries of: ambient, progressive rock, university research music (electro-acoustic music), minimalism and improvisation. We have a preference for the tonal sphere of musical experimentation… :)