May 3rd Tuesdays Post Line-up

Tues May 2015Cb

Darkroom & Andrew Booker

The Others, 6, Manor Rd, N16 5SA London, United Kingdom
Sunday, May 3rd at 7:30pm


aka Thomas Stone
Performing solo Thomas presents his work under the moniker Jecklin:
Compositions for contrabassoon, electric bass and non-pitched percussion.
Long tones underpinning structural, almost chromatic motifs accompanied by a cyclic pulse and hiss and murmur from the drums.
This is music concerned with ambience and tonal texture as much as outright melody with gentle dissonances resolving to moments of beauty.
Using an enforced simplicity the music explores themes of ritual and states of consciousness.

Winner of NonClassical battle of the bands 2015.


VCOADSR (pronounced phonetically “vee-see-oh-ay-dee-ess-arr”) is the artist name of Phil Bilsby an electronic music producer and artist based in Brighton, UK making interesting and engaging electronic music from dirty modular techno to experimental electronic soundscapes.
2015 sees VCOADSR take his modular synth setup out of the safety of his studio and out into real world to perform totally live electronic music without a laptop insight.

Current links of interest:
Recording of live modular set in early April in Brighton on Soundcloud:

VCOADSR bandcamp site:

VCOADSR Twitter:

VCOADSR soundcloud:

Tuesdays Post ‘house band’ Darkroom will be joined by drummer Andy Booker (of the Tim Bowness band and Sanguine Hum).