Idiot Saint Crazy @ December Tuesdays Post 2014


Due to our widespread links across the world we host our tenth performer from abroad. We saw Idiot St. Crazy live in Paris at the Paris Live-looping Festival 2014 organised by Lucid Brain Integrative Project and were blown away by his guitar skills. An exciting and impressive array of slick looping techniques with superb rhythmic skills and melody innovation, definitely on the progressive end of our night. Dunkirk Counterpointless by Idiot St. Crazy alludes to Electronic Counterpoint by Steve Reich. He is the guitarist for the band YOLK. Here’s a list of his influences.

“I started to like prog with GONG, Magma, Albert Marcoeur (yes, i’m french), Zappa, King Crimson, Fred Frith, Mahavishnu, Soft Machine, CAN, Neu etc.
With years i used to consider many bands as prog.
I’m a big fan of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Secret chiefs 3, Mr Bungle, Shub Nigurath, Zombi (Steve Moore especially), Meshuggah, Guapo, the list goes on !”