Sunday 4th January 2015 Tuesdays Post Line-up

Tues Jan 2015C3h

Johanna Glaza
Darkroom & Peter Chilvers
Kleppmusik & Georgina Brett

Early Doors (DJ Set)

Entrance £5
Doors 7pm
First act 7.30pm

at The Others, 6, Manor Rd (above the Snooker Hall), Stoke Newington, London, N16 5SA.

Johanna Glaza (

Recently released ‘Paper Widow’‘, her latest EP, described by Popped Music as ‘heartbreakingly beautiful’ (
‘Lithuanian-Londoner Johanna Glaza continues to beguile and cast fairy tales spells with her sweep of voice and music, but new single ‘Paper Widow’ sees something new. An audibly beating heart, a more visible structure, the bones showing through perhaps; a melody that rises and decays but has an annoyingly good chance of snagging somewhere in your ear for days to come.’ (
Johanna recently performed at The Vodaphone Mexefest in Portugal November 28th 2014.

Gagarin (

Gagarin has been making music on the edges of the musical galaxy for many years in many guises. Currently he works alone crafting atmospheric digital soundscapes, sculpting future grooves and polishing aching melodies. He plays out live – an exciting mix of software precision and human frailty/spontaneity thats never the same twice.

Early adventures in cult Manchester band Ludus were followed by a sustained period playing and co-writing with the legendary Nico of the Velvet Underground. He’s since recorded and collaborated with John Cale, Suns of Arqa, Eric Random, David Thomas & Pere Ubu, Bill Pritchard,Cabaret Voltaire as well as many others and played at the Tabyck shamanist festival in Siberia,in castles in Scotland and France, festivals and clubs across the globe

Darkroom (

Darkroom play with Peters Chilvers in January 4th 2015 Tuesdays Post.
“Over the past several years, Burning Shed has become synonymous with cutting edge prog by carrying a number of albums associated with King Crimson and other well known prog rockers. One such album, the Darkroom CD Gravity’s Dirty Work is a work filled with spellbinding soundscapes that superbly spotlights the guitar of Michael Bearpark and the keyboards / electronics of Andrew Ostler. Very Crimson-esque in places, Gravity’s Dirty Work features eight extended pieces of instrumental magic that crosses borders between New Age atmospherics and avant gard suspense—although unlike much New Age, this Darkroom CD is not meant to relax to. Commenting on the wide ranging comparisons made of their music, Michael Bearpark explains, ‘We’re not aiming for a specific market. I don’t have a big problem with the term New Age specifically… there’s as much Suzanne Ciani as there is Delia Derbyshire in our music—also ambient, Krautrock, progressive rock, discredited for some time, and much else. People hear what they want in our music… We did set out to make an ambient album, but that was just a starting point—what’s left is something reflective, but quite different.’ Review of Darkroom on MWE3 website. (

Kleppmusik ( & Georgina Brett (

Kleppmusik is Gareth Lewis (guitar, bass, machines, tapes & film). He has, variously, been accompanied on bass, electronic percussion, CZ101, violin, jew’s harp & slide guitar by musicians from Prague, London and Norway. Tonight’s collaboration with Georgina Brett’s vocal looping marks an exciting new development to start 2015.

Shamelessly romantic, Kleppmusik draws on the naive synthesiser sounds of Silver Apples and Thomas Leer, the motorik beat of Krautrock and the sparkle of the mirrorball to create an atmospheric, sometimes disturbing, psychedelic electronica sound. Accompanied by original visuals mixed with random imagery and snippets of old and new films, the result is strangely hypnotic and compelling.

Georgina Brett’s music is created using her voice and effects pedals, creating instant choirs of sound, often in an hypnotic style. The point of this music is not only to captivate with extraordinary timing and melodic style but also to help the listener to relax, in our ever-increasingly fast world. Her double album Nonsense A and Nonsense B is of purely vocal works with no ‘deliberate’ words or lyrics. The albums show the voice as an instrument, and as a vehicle for emotional expression.
“London’s Georgina Brett is part of a generation of solo artists who use layered loops to build trascendental, rotating textures from repetition. …. There is for me a continuum connecting to the Minimalists, of course – as a soloist, she’s doing some of the things that the Meredith Monk Ensemble did (minus the loopers), and there’s a feeling of the “discovered folk music” that Monk used in her work. Other moments have the quasi-Medieval sounds of Philip Glass — one track recalling the “Knee Plays,” other moments perhaps channeling Hildegard, in flourishes of modal monophony that underlie the writing. But this voice seems personal and intimate, centering on folk song round-style directness.”(Peter Kirn CDM)

Early Doors will be DJing for us and Hanzo will be improvising live visuals along with Rucksack Cinema.

Easy transport from Liverpool st station.. (zone 2) overground trains from mainline station, usually from platform 1. 15 minutes. :) last trains back to Liverpool st are 11.15pm and 11.45pm. Bar at the venue and takeaways close by if you want to bring in food it is ok.. :)