Final info for tonight’s gig

We will start pretty much promptly so if you wan to catch my first looping rig with Max/msp visuals then come early (GB)

Georgina Brett 7.30pm
Darkroom 8.15pm
Joseph Hyde 9.00pm
Map 165 9.45pm

And for your travel arrangements: Stoke Newington is in zone 2 and here are some train times to and from Liverpool st.. train takes 15 minutes..
Trains from Liverpool St to Stoke Newington are : 6.30pm, 7.00pm, 7.30pm, 8.00pm
Trains from Stoke Newington to Liverpool St are : 10.15pm, 10.45pm, 11.15pm, 11.45pm
See you there..

See previous post for all other info :)