OCTOBER 5th Tuesdays Post Information.

Joseph Hyde
Map 165
Georgina Brett

hems (DJ set)

Sunday, October 5 at 7:00pm at The Others, 6, Manor Rd, N16 5SA London
£5 entry on the door


Collaboration has become a key feature of Joseph’s work, particularly in the field of dance, both as a composer and in a broader capacity working in particular with interactive systems and telepresence. His work has become more varied stylistically, from abstract sonic art to more ‘approachable’ material. He has also moved into working with video, in a series of fixed-media pieces and installation works. Luckily for us, Joseph has also recently become increasingly involved in live performance.

Joseph Hyde gained a Phd in Electro-acoustic composition from Birmingham University and performed many a time with the esteemed B.E.A.S.T. (Birmingham Electro-acoustic Sound Theatre)
He has a hand in many groundbreaking artistic endeavours, mostly based around Bath and Bristol as he teaches at Bath Spa University. He wrote the music programming for Danceroom Spectroscopy which is at present touring in the States most namely at Stamford University, you may have caught this interactive installation at The Barbican Centre a couple of years back.

At Tuesdays Post, Joseph will perform live with his portable modular setup.

MAP165 AKA Martin A. Smith and Tim Hooper 

Map 165, a duo from the UK who have been together since they were teenagers playing in an ever-evolving version of the same band. They started playing as The Thin Veil in the early eighties, a pop duo influenced by OMD and Prefab Sprout that did the teenage thing of playing church halls and parties to ever-diminishing results. Time passed and they re-styled themselves as Dildano, taking their name from ‘Barbarella’ and specializing in long-form art terrorism that guitarist Tim Hooper admits he has trouble listening to these days. Keyboard player, producer and conceptualist Martin A. Smith busied himself writing music for soundtracks and installations for a number of years before calling Hooper to suggest a radical idea.

“I suddenly realized that the problem with so much ambient and instrumental music in general is that it’s actually quite boring. I mean, the very idea that you put it on in the background while you do something more interesting is a bit odd. Obviously a lot of it is lovely but I kept being drawn to the more melodic elements and I like a little melodic element to my music, which not all ambient does. In fact I wanted to take it further and aim for something that was blatantly beautiful.”

Sun blind. A vast white arc of light that covers and exposes. Stone and skin are turned translucent. The soul of the place is exposed, burnt wide open by the screaming light, and we walk out into this. We step, with skin-burning steps, across crackling stone.

Map 165 present The Fatigue Of Sunlight And Wine, an album recorded under the heat of the Provencal sun.The performance will be accompanied by a film created especially for the evening.

The Fatigue Of Sunlight And Wine by Map 165 is available soon on Voxxov Records


Georgina’s music is created using her voice and effects pedals, creating instant choirs of sound.
Her double album of vocal works with no lyrics, called Nonsense A and Nonsense B highlights the voice as an instrument, and as a vehicle for emotional expression. “So much music is to make us feel something so as to manipulate, buy or to follow.. this album let’s your thoughts be whatever they want to be.” Intellectually, Georgina’s music adheres to some modernist and avant-garde principles but using harmonious parameters, instead of the more dissonant style of it’s post- WW2 exponents. Georgina’s music is also gradually becoming a vehicle for more experimental work delving into expressive work which plays with the world of the media using matrices, semiotics and phonetics.

Albums by Georgina Brett available here

Video of part of Georgina’s performance of “Where Do You Go?” at the Paris Loop Jubilee in May 



The UK-based duo of Michael Bearpark (guitars) and Andrew Ostler (synths) expertly ride the line between luscious, old-school progressive rock and modern ambient electronics. At times reminiscent of early Tangerine Dream, with hints of Fripp and Eno, Darkroom creates clouds of sequenced synths, chewy grooves, and looped phrases to support a variety of acoustic and electric guitar melodies that twist and turn in surprising, occasionally aggressive, ways. Moody and well-orchestrated, this release takes you places.

“The term “progressive electronica” is definitely an apt one for this duo. It’s accessible and addictive, while remaining expansive and exploratory. Quite a feat. I’ve been listening to these guys for nearly 20 years. Darkroom is a constant source of intrigue, wonder and invention.” Anil Prasad April 2014.
Soundcloud upload of Darkroom live at September 2014 Tuesdays Post here:

Gravity’s Dirty Work review here: Darkroom albums available here

HEMS http://hems.io/ aka Henrique Matias will be playing us some tunes..

Henrique is a multi-talented composer, programmer and dj..

He specialises in Multimedia programming (Max/MSP and friends), although not all his live music and performances sounds like computer music (sometimes he takes his drum machines and crazy things out of the house).

Hems Soundcloud