7th September 2014 Tuesdays Post

Tuesdays Post had switched to a Sunday.. so it’s Sunday September 7th :) Tues Sept 2014I

Nick Parkin
Tom Mudd
Georgina Brett & Shankara Andy Bole

Clive Graham- Paradigm Discs (DJ Set)

£5 Entry

The Others, 6 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 5SA

Note we changed the date to a Sunday.. better for many reasons for now at least.. .. :)

Nick Parkin

Nick’s music career began in the early 1980′s when he worked as a multi-instrumentalist for major dance and theatre companies. Since 1995 he has released over 10 cds and has collaborated on both live improvisations and albums with many artists including Clive Bell, Pete Lockett, Z’ev, Tuu, Tom Wallace, Stillpoint, Tom Gillieron, David Stevens and Alio Die (aka Stefano Musso).

His work for Dance and Theatre has been performed in many of London’s leading venues,The Royal Festival Hall,The Queen Elisabeth Hall,The Linbury and Claw Studio Theatre’s at The Royal Opera House,The Lilian Baylis Studio Theatre Sadlers Wells,The Royal Academy of Arts,The V&A Museum,The Place Theatre,Riverside Studios,and The Bonnie Bird Theatre Laban Centre.

Nick won a First Prize in the prestigious Bourges Electroacoustic Music Awards 2001 for ‘Magmas’, which was subsequently broadcast on international radio stations. ‘Magmas’ was screened at the Queen Elizabeth Hall South Bank 2002 as part of London Sinfonietta’s State of the Nation Festival.

Tom Mudd

“Tom Mudd explores the use of nonlinear dynamical systems in electronic musical instruments. The sounds and behaviours exhibited by these systems often resemble the sounds and behaviours of acoustic instruments, as they share many similar processes. The continuum between the two is explored in performances.”

Shankara Andy Bole http://andy-bole.wix.com/andybole

Shankara Andy Bole is a musician with a first class pedigree in acoustic and electronic music. He is one half of Tang , one of 7 guitarists in Daevid Allens Glissando Guitar Orchestra and is the guitarist with Fret and Fiddle, he has over the past several years played in some of the finest Acoustic bands, most notably the legendary Bushbury Mountain Daredevils and The Late Night Band who for many years were regarded as two of the finest acts in the U.K.

During his time with The Late Night Band, Andy performed at festivals all over Europe and America and they produced many critically acclaimed albums.

Andy has also performed at concerts in Europe and America with members of Fairport Convention, Gong, Damo Suzuki, Blowzabella, The Eleanor Rigby Experience, Daevid Allen, The Electric Light Orchestra, Dave Stewart and Mike Oldfield and has studied the Hansa Veena with renowned Indian classical musician Barun Kumar Pal.

As a well-respected solo artist Andy has produced seven solo albums, which have met with much critical acclaim.
In fact his album Ramshackle Pier was voted instrumental album of the year by top acoustic magazine Froots.

His masterly playing of the Bouzouki and Weissenborn acoustic slide guitar is in regular demand for use on many television and film soundtrack work.

Georgina Brett 

Georgina’s music is created using her voice and effects pedals, creating instant choirs of sound often in an hypnotic style. The point of this music is not only to captivate with extraordinary timing and melodic style but also to help the listener to relax, in our ever increasingly fast world.
Her double album of vocal works with no lyrics, called Nonsense A and Nonsense B highlights the voice as an instrument, and as a vehicle for emotional expression. “So much music is to make us feel something so as to manipulate, buy or to follow.. this album let’s your thoughts be whatever they want to be.” Intellectually, Georgina’s music adheres to some modernist and avant-garde principles but using harmonious parameters, instead of the more dissonant style of it’s post-WW1 WW2 exponents. Georgina’s music is also gradually becoming a great vehicle for more experimental work delving into expressive work which plays with the rich world of the media, politics, history, using matrices, semiotics and phonetics.
Video of part of Georgina’s performance at the Paris Loop Jubilee in May
Vocal Concerto II at Happenstance Gallery, Uploaded August 11th..


The UK-based duo of Michael Bearpark (guitars) and Andrew Ostler (synths) expertly ride the line between luscious, old-school progressive rock and modern ambient electronics. At times reminiscent of early Tangerine Dream, with hints of Fripp and Eno, Darkroom creates clouds of sequenced synths, chewy grooves, and looped phrases to support a variety of acoustic and electric guitar melodies that twist and turn in surprising, occasionally aggressive, ways. Moody and well-orchestrated, this release takes you places.

“The term “progressive electronica” is definitely an apt one for this duo. It’s accessible and addictive, while remaining expansive and exploratory. Quite a feat. I’ve been listening to these guys for nearly 20 years. Darkroom is a constant source of intrigue, wonder and invention.” Anil Prasad April 2014.
Soundcloud upload of Darkroom live at July 2014 Tuesdays Post here:
Gravity’s Dirty Work review here:

Clive Graham- Paradigm Discs (DJ Set)

Clive runs the most eclectic and exciting label of the unusual and bizarre. Paradigm Discs. He will steer us gracefully through the beginning and end of the evening and perhaps inbetween with some hand-picked favourites.. Clive’s knowledge of the unusual in music is pretty much second to none (if you didn’t know already!)