Series 2 Tuesdays Post has Sprung !

You won’t have heard from us for a while, but that was as planned. We had our year off.

Tuesdays Post Series 1 began on April 24th 2012 and ran every month (apart from January) for one year.

Tuesdays Post Series 2 begins on April 15th 2014 and will run every month for a year.

We decided that if a series was to be sustainable, a year on/year off format would work well. As we all know, organising this sort of thing takes up lots of time, and in the year off we can concentrate on our own music which is key. (We did however, break up the year off by hosting the super successful First London Live-Looping Festival in July 2013)

Series 2 begins with the addition of “Darkroom” the incredibly creative and visionary duo of Andrew Ostler and Michael Bearpark to the Tuesdays Post team. Great news!

.. and an exciting new format set to entice you all to come along. :)