SO PARADISE BAR, 19 KILBURN LANE, KENSAL GREEN W104AE have confirmed … Very glad about that.https://www.facebook.com/events/301253239996632/Here is the new eflyer, PLEASE COME DOWN, AND GET FRIENDS TO COME ALONG TOO….

It’s just the right space for us, easy to get to too… Ladbroke Grove tube, then 1 short bus ride on the super reliable 52 or 452 over the Harrow road, it’s just there on the left.

We start the 2013 programme with a great selection of music.

AcouChristo – I met Chris last year while at the Penarth Live-looping festival. He gave me a cd and I was really impressed, [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUYgsOKepwg?wmode=transparent] He works with computer and voice, with a clear and focused approach to sound, form and lyrics. I like his 7 part, waking up series on soundcloud, great idea.https://soundcloud.com/acouchristo Very much looking forward to hearing his set.
“Welsh Musician & Sound Artist based in Cardiff. Currently working with Found Sounds, Vocal Looping, Visual Work & Acoustic Music.”

Darkroom – Darkroom AKA Andrew Ostler and Michael Bearpark. We met years back in Germany. On my very first international gig. In fact just about my first serious performance. I was terrified!http://www.darkroomtheband.net/ Darkroom are seriously prolific and gently dedicated to what they like to do. Andrew Ostler runs http://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/ a lot of this is slightly over my head, but perhaps not over yours! Do check out his custom synths.iehttp://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/index_files/augustus-loop-2-4-0-mac-released.php…. This is an improv we did the first time Darkroom played Tuesdays Post.[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/47170789 w=500&h=283]#
Here is an interview with Darkroomhttp://www.tokafi.com/news/darkroom-notes-behind-numbers/

Georgina Brett – Me, well i would imagine by now you would know kind of what i do, but just in case you don’t…..
“Georgina Brett’s music is created using her voice and effects pedals, creating instant choirs of sound often in an hypnotic style. Her latest album is a double album of vocal works with no lyrics. Highlighting the voice as an instrument, and as a vehicle for emotional expression. “So much music is to make us feel something so as to manipulate: to buy or to follow.. this album let’s your thought be whatever they want to be.” Intellectually, Georgina’s music adheres to some modernist principles but using harmonious parameters, instead of the more dissonant style of it’s post-WW2 exponants. Georgina’s music is also gradually becoming a great vehicle for more experimental work delving into expressive work which plays with the rich world of the media, politics, history, using matrices, semiotics and phonetics.http://www.georginabrett.co.uk/

Illi Adato & Graham Dunning (OV London Improv) – Illi Adato played a Tuesdays Post before, with Guy Harries. Illi uses an array of different instruments and pedals and a drum pad to create vivid and colourful soundscapes. This time he partners with Graham Dunninghttp://grahamdunning.com/. There are some coinciding ideas between Graham and AcouChristo’s approaches to sound which is nice to ponder. Graham and Illi’s work will be more free improvisation than Live-looping, but I like the space where these styles join so this should be a good compliment to the other artists. 

(Graham Dunning) “My performances explore the relationship between sound and music with rhythmical elements and drone, repetition and variation. I perform using modified turntables, altered and adapted records, field recordings pressed to dubplates and self-built electronics. I also make sounds using other objects on the turntables, using the stylus as a primitive pick-up. The sounds present on the records I use are less important to me than the sounds I can impose onto them. As such, a metal disk with a hole in the middle is as valid a sound source as a pristine vinyl recording.”

Come down, beat those February Blues.. :)