Post September TP and the first overseas visitors leave for Wales..

So, another TP completed.. 

We tried a new approach where we split the sets in 2 and played 2 sets of 20 minutes each. seemed to work well…? 

Just a great night, lovely audience as ever, thank you thank you all for being so attentive and beautiful… and the performers…. what can i say. Andy, i love it… beautiful constructions, artfully and rhythmically and melodically…. (especially like

 your stage dismount, classy:)), Fabio. i love the impressionistic, debussy style harmonies and complex and rhythmically challenging as ever, and Michael, ….he never ceases to amaze me with the amount of unusual sounds he gets out of the guitar. and the processes he works with…

oh and we had a jam at the end… Andrew Os was joining in with some package tape noises as him and Fabio tried to get the three part adapter thing to WORK… they finally managed it, so Fabio could join in for a little while at the end of the jam…, all four of us,… thanks to the bar for having us again, great place to play…:)

It all happened so fast, brilliant.

Thanks everyone.

Georgina Brett’s performance