Post August Post (with photos)


A brilliant evening of great music. Tom started the evening with some top tunes, (some of them his own), and then David Cooper Orton was the first live act. Beautiful as ever. I was busying myself with lots and lots of different things and then when i sat down next to Simeon for a minute suddenly became totally absorbed in the music, just layer after layer of harmonious, mellifluous melody, soothing and delightful. Simeon Harris was on after a short break, with collages of awesome, massive, harmonious sound, the relationship between the man and the music was fascinating to watch as he was intently tuned to the sound of the sound. And finally Darkroom with that live electronics sound.. you can’t beat a good synth sound, Andrew’s toys look so exotic on stage, and the progression of the sounds were great, exciting. and Michael’s sensitive guitar playing.. quite gritty, and driving in moments, a successful night in all. Oh, and I sang a little , I was plugged into the Os machine and twisted and turned about for a bit.. was strange not being in control! I kept flying out the speakers when I wasn’t expecting it… ! :)