3rd July TuesdaysPost, come check it out, have a beer, talk shop.

On the bill this Tuesday 3rd July will be:

Experimental Sound Project is UK Based Producer and DJ Jon Barron, Jon has been active on the Psychedelic scene for over ten years. Since his inception of the legendary Psubliminal Psychedelia parties in 1995, he has been a global psychedelic nomad, DJ and producer. His psychedelic dub sound is full of good vibes and inspired by his love of Shamanism and his journeys through the multiple dimensions of possibility… His debut album will be released on Sangita Sounds very soon… This year you can here him play at The Sunrise Festival June 2/3/4/5, The Glade Festival June 10/11/12 & Sonica Festival Aug 13/14/15/16 in Montenegro

I first met Steve through “ImprovFriday”, a group which used to meet in a beautiful church round the back of St. Pancras Station, it was a cold night in February, but a totally memorable one. http://improvfriday.com/ Steve Moyes is an experimental improvising musician, multi-instrumentalist  and composer based in Kent, England. His main instuments are cello, electric guitar and xaphoon, and he makes extensive use of electronics, live looping and computer processing. This Tuesday he performs with Jude Cohen Montague http://threelegsduck.bandcamp.com/album/world-news-vision-march-2011Jude Cowan Montague lives in London and is a multi-media artist and musician. 

Her first collection of poetry, about Reuters news stories from 2008 ‘For the Messengers’, was published in 2011 and is dedicated to the talented camera operator Fadel Shanaah who was killed while filming for the agency in April 2008. 

Lee Harris and the Moonlight Orchestra http://www.newantiquerecords.com/leeinparadise

This link above is of our first performance as a group at the Paradise Bar this last October. It is fun playing with loops in a group, especially on songs which are semi-set.. quite a challenge. and I love Lee’s writings. Playing with Paul (guitar),James(ElectricViolin) and the supportive track by Ben River is quite lovely as motifs appear as we listen to each other and create a space for Lee’s words without overpowering him.. 
To the many multitudes who have met or known Lee, he is a living legend. One of the original foot-soldiers of the counter-culture, he has exemplified the romantic revolutionary in the soul of all of us. Having been a dharma bum, and angel-headed hipster, a wounded healer or a wise fool, he is the village Alchemist of Portobello Market in London, where for the last 35 years, he could be found bestowing good vibes and energy from his shop counter at Alchemy, London’s (maybe England’s) oldest headshop. Now aged 70, Lee is full of shamanic and spontaneousknowledge, gained from years of making mistakes and being blessed by his close, loving family, and contact with like-minded
universal beings.Here is more about Lee and his colourful existence http://www.leeharris.co.uk/newspage.htm and a link to http://www.newantiquerecords.com/

Ben Sax 

Ben uses a combination of delays and loop machines to improvise with saxophones and voice creating a spontaneous soundscape, sometimes lyrical, sometimes dissonant. The music is interspersed with poetry and song.

Jason Power

If a piano appears (and The Retro don’t mind a trial period with one), then it might just happen. Jason’s style think cross between John Cage and Mike Garson (Jason was one of the youngest pupils ever at Guildhall School of Music) and perhaps this would be somewhere near… If he doesn’t make an appearance this time maybe next…